Long-established charity’s expansion of the YEAR 22
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The annual International Skin Laser Directory, founded, sponsored, prepared and distributed by the long-established Disfigurement Guidance Centre charity's Laserfair project is now into its 22nd year.

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There is no advertising or commercial input

We are hoping that the timely expansion of our year 22, SkinLaser Directory website will enable potential patients and referring GPs to obtain speedy access to safe, free, updated information from reputable sources and become increasingly aware of the scope, advantages and availability of laser medicine and surgery.

I hope that you will feel that your clinic would benefit from free inclusion in this new, charitable world-wide resource of reputably sourced information on the global accessibility and many advantages of medical lasers, laser medicine and surgery

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The annual Skinlaser Directory is now in its twenty second year.

The Disfigurement Guidance Centre produced the first annual International Skinlaser Directory in 1993 to meet the clearly definable need for impartial, informed, up-to-date laser/IPL information to facilitate appropriate referral. It provides GPs, Laser Nurse Specialists, health educationalists and patients with essential facts about skin lasers and intense pulsed light devices and treatments. Some of these treatments may be available, still, within the NHS.

Entries are totally free and the Directory and Skin Laser website have no advertising or commercial input. The Skinlaser Directory and Skinlaser website are sponsored, prepared and distributed by the Disfigurement Guidance Centre, a long-established charity founded and directed by Peter and Doreen Trust.

Two years ago, the printed Directory has been supplied on request, free of charge - to GPs and Laser Nurse Specialists in the UK. In recent years, we added a web site to widen access. The rising international demand for authoritative, un-biased laser/IPL information which had no advertising and could be accessed swiftly was very encouraging.  We considered all matters arising from this – including the environmental impact – and concluded that, in future, this specialised, no advertising/no commercial involvement, skin laser information could, and should, be provided through our enlarged easily accessed and continually updated website:

New technological advances and improved techniques are steadily extending the range of conditions which can be treated: some clinics now include pigmented lesions such as melasma; new generation PDLs, more power, better skin cooling, and new approaches such as dual wavelength lasers which, in combination, can target vessels of varying depth, are providing fresh hope in the treatment of vascular lesions; hair removal can encompass a much wider range of skin tones. Clear and understandable contributions from experienced and highly regarded clinicians provide practical guidance on the increasing scope of laser/IPL applications.

All registered clinics have been approached and we include those who complete our detailed questionnaire. The text is compiled from written information provided by the Head of Clinic/Department/Hospital Management in response to our questionnaire and is, therefore, as complete as these returns make possible. We recommend that referring professionals should make appropriate enquiries within the resource framework we have supplied.

No single laser is capable of optimum treatment of all conditions and lasers/IPL devices can be dangerous if mishandled or used without a proper clinical assessment and treatment protocol. As treatment outcomes can vary, you may wish to consider, also, the medical/ laser/IPL experience, training and peer reputation of the clinician/operator.

It should be noted that many NHS laser clinics accept patients for private treatments. Also, that some private hospitals accept NHS referrals. The comparative costs are worthy of careful investigation in relationship to waiting lists and to the size of the area to be treated at any one session. Additionally, you could find it useful to establish the interval between the initial consultation/patch test and full treatment.

The final consideration may well include the advisability and/or the availability of General Anaesthesia and enquiry into any alternative provision for young children and patients requiring extensive treatment. Prices quoted do not always include the cost of anaesthesia or additional medication: you may wish to establish fees and any such additional costs prior to treatment.   We appreciate your comments and suggestions.

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